big life journal

This was going to be a Christmas present but seemed to be necessary as an early Christmas present. (Also, it had to be clear it was from me — I don’t think I can commandeer gifts from Santa into working on together during homeschool hours, which is what we are doing with this.)

Big Life Journal, Teen Edition is exactly what my kids need right now, as they plan to be bigger kids. It addresses their issues as though it already met them. And I love the artwork — it reminds me of Steve Powers/Espo (whose work is all around Philly, as well as Coney Island’s updated signage.) I used to NEVER link outside sources and am doing so more lately — but only when it’s really worth it. Big Life Journal is worth it.

Independent goal setting, learning not to have hours disappear to re-reading books (a good practice at the right times), or just futzing around — and knowing that when their alarms go off in the morning, they need to dress and clean up and come down and eat breakfast and are old enough to do all of this without having Mommy give cues for it came as a bit of a surprise earlier this year. Now that I’ve suggested that even after they do THAT, they know that they can get their spelling practice out of the way and then ask me “So what’s up for today?” and that is also kinda big news.

And yet, Béla is the kid who made restaurant-quality salmon and mixed sautéed greens for our dinner last night — was cutting raw salmon and cooking it to perfection. But we have to get past the idea that if nobody tells them to do it, they should just wait, and it’s “free time” until someone does tell them. Nope.

Scientific proof about the right kind of “positive thinking” is appealing to them — as is making goals for a future they both very much look forward to (Béla has now started counting down the weeks until he turns eighteen, although I’ve assured him he will enjoy freedom and autonomy in MANY of the weeks prior to that). They are ready to make their own dreams come true, and do some remyelination of brain pathways! It was a joy to see them give such a positive response to a somewhat “serious” gift. Both Tuck and I noticed.


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