salmon and greens dinner by béla

This happened a week or so ago — after Béla had taken his first class from his first course on It is a cooking class, from a cook whose name I cannot remember (although he is one of those famous ones) — and he does a lot of French cooking, particularly baking and using a wide variety of fishes. We are trying to reduce our meat consumption here’s a we now realize how irresponsible it is for the planet, and Béla was excited by the claim that there was much more variety in the fish world than there were in other types of meat-eating. “Get me a salmon,” he proclaimed, and Tuck walked over to Sprouts — where we get some incredible prices on very high quality fish — and got him one. We loved watching him exclaim over its beauty. Looks like Béla really has found one of his loves in life, beyond music and photography.

We had a dinner that night that was truly impressive. Trader Joe’s mixed cooking greens — turnip, mustard and others — are more of a favorite around here than plan spinach (Claude does not like the gritty feeling spinach leaves on the teeth.) That, and Béla’s salmon — not overdone, very juicy, perfectly crispy skin — it was truly incredible to think an eleven-year old child had made it.

He edited this video, and overdubbed the audio, and made the titles — he did upload the final titles before doing much of a spelling check, but for the sake of history, I’m fine with letting it go. (Re-watching it and seeing the imperfection seems to have made him more motivated to double- and triple-check the next time around, in a way that me checking and having him fix it after the fact would not have.) Gotta care about your content!

Very proud of him and can’t wait to eat what he makes next.


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