we finally make it to the mütter…

For “Spit Spreads Death.” Whew.

Our pal Gareth had said to me recently, “Hey — have you been to the exhibit at the Mütter..?” I said no, but I knew Tucker and I were probably in the film shown in the beginning of the exhibit…

“No,” he said, “Past that.”

Aw gee. I get to be memorialized at the Mütter for the next three years, crying while they announce the name of the one-year old baby that I walked for in the Parade.

The pictures that had been used to publicize the Parade, which the kids had been in, are also part of the display.

Claudia, like myself, was not a fan of the museum. It was crowded and hot and she was just worried she was going to see something that was icky.

Béla, however, on the way out of the gift shop, saw something that hit him like a thunderbolt. A tiny stuffed animal — a rat — specifically, a “mutated lab rat”. It was just under five dollars, which he had with him.  I never saw a kid fall in love with a stuffed toy so fast.

This three-eyed, suture-covered little victim had found his ride or die friend for life in Béla (and, Marble is also allowed to cuddle him), but it was Claudia who named him — Tri.

It was a bit of a coincidence, since a friend I had not seen in about fifteen years had visited on Saturday and had been talking to Tucker a lot about the rat research that had almost made him quit graduate school. Béla has saved Tri from his trauma in the lab… but Béla’s intense trypophobia STILL had him hiding his eyes from this piece of cheese at the Reading Terminal Market.

We did, however, get a big piece of Scottish salmon for Béla to cook (he had wanted some Dover Sole, as he had just learned how to cook it in his MasterClass, but it seems maybe it’s not in season or something — there was none to be found.) Claudia wanted a good bit more caviar than she had yet been offered this season, and so we got some of that too.

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