three years ago today, at the MLK march

Tucker looking every inch his father.

This was the first time Claudia had entered Mother Bethel Church, at the height of her phobia/distaste for churches. She was not crazy about the founder’s tomb — but she enjoyed the choir practice.

Choral singing is something Claude has never gotten to do, but next Tuesday she begins a musical theatre Show Choir class through April as an early birthday gift.

Three years since marching for MLK has brought us here:

…and to a coffee-stained note containing only the word “Cyrano”. What. The. Heck. (This has Claudia written all over it)

I’ve found a British stand-up comedian who specifically does routines that teach the classics, so we are going to watch her cover “The Iliad” in twenty-seven minutes, try to get Béla up to speed on his marionette head, and I have started to review the study guides for Riddley Walker and thank heavens someone wrote them. My laptop of two months had its monitor go this week, and while I have a loaner, I am just enjoying having less screen access.


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