on such a winter’s day

Everybody has low-grade colds. Eyebags. Both Tuck and a friend had massive eczema outbreaks this week; Tuck even had to go to Urgent Care.

Béla described to me, confused, the painful thing on the tip of his tongue. To make it to eleven before having to describe a cold sore!

While Claude is having her weekly Sims binge with her friend, Béla conserved enough energy, even after running errands this morning, to go out with his Big; he is on the Liberty Towers observation deck. We are having a massive hailstorm. Béla said he is in “heaven”. And sent this photo of William Penn atop City Hall.

I imagine it will be a night of watching “The Witcher”, and dinner is pork and sauerkraut and dumplings made with the beef tallow Tuck orders from England — the best dumplings ever.

Just read an article on how Pennsylvania has one of the highest opportunity gaps for children of color (smaller class sizes, advanced subjects) in its schools — and the article was illustrated by a photo of the school around the corner that my kids left, to homeschool.

Happy to be here.


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