new year new you

We have been talking a lot lately about how we are experiencing changes that affect our everyday lives and make it seem like the kids, at least, are in the midst of makeovers — or, just new life phases as Bigger Kids.

Leaving School of Rock and starting at Settlement was a huge eye-opener for both of them; Claude also has the small but hopefully-growing Show Choir at Philly Music Theater, and said she had learned more in her first rehearsal there than she had ever learned about singing. They’ve got their stage experience down; the idea of learning things not just to be put on show is a new and exciting one.

They’ve also decided to take a page from Steve Martin’s book and learn Kitten Juggling. (Not really.)

It took me a whole year — I saw some original paperwork today dated February 2019 — but both kids have a Big through Big Brothers Big Sisters now. Claude met hers today — an assistant District Attorney that we all liked a lot. Béla is out with his Big right now. I am really, really proud of myself for having made the decision that this was a program both kids could benefit from and sticking with “checking in” regularly to see that they both got matches that will work for them. Béla’s is a dream, he literally feels like family, and we are excited to know Claudia’s Big better. I’m just gonna say it — I know this is one of the better things I’ve done as a parent, for me and for them. And I’m very happy with that, and with their gratitude.

Claude is going for a new hair look to turn twelve with as well, so we are just in our own little makeover world. Testing season is about to come up, so we may go underground a bit for that. I am just so happy to see them being able to pursue their interests (and so amazed when Béla’s baking photos get 300 likes when I share them in private social media groups!) I see that we are really growing in the right direction.

Trust me — the cat LIKES this.

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