mummenshanz at the annenberg

I’m no theater critic, but I do have a bucket list of puppetry/mask/processional arts experiences I’d like to have, and tonight I crossed one off, accompanied by my three favorite people.

It was everything I’d hoped for — and it was exciting to see the group work with new-millenium materials (like flip-color sequin fabric, and self-sticking veterinary wrap — both favorites of ours) and to address contemporary issues like screen addiction.

Not much else to say about it, really — it speaks for itself with its silent skitwork. Even very young kids find the humor in carefully-timed pauses, and tiny changes in “facial” expressions (from something barely recognizable as a “face”). Object theater is fascinating. If this show planted a seed in my kids’ heads tonight, no doubt it was a good one.

(Hopefully this review does not sound too lackluster — a combination of Chiari pain and menopausal symptoms have kept me needing all the rest I can get lately. We did have a good time.)


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