we can fit a lot into a weekend (and a monday)

I was honored that Claudia’s new music theory teacher invited me to sit in on her lesson Saturday. “Innate ability and real intelligence,” he said, just so we were sure we were talking about the same kid.

I’m also proud that the school where Claude takes her new Broadway class won an award it deserved this year already! Claudia is, as predicted, becoming a music theater kid.

While also invited into Béla’s percussion class, I preferred the hallway. He has, though, been picking IDLES songs and listening to the riffs and trying to play along with the songs. IDLES is the first band he’s ever been that into, even more than Talking Heads, to do that. Béla’s punk identity is surging, and with no help from me.

(Seriously, not me. The shirt was a Valentine’s gift from a friend.)

Claude took a relaxing Sunday Latin quiz (on which she got an A, although she has entirely forgotten the letter system of grading exists)…

But some Latin was in order after some (parentally screened — like with “Letterkenny”, they only see certain episodes) bingeing of…


What’s wonderful about Claudia is she recognizes that Frank’s a terrible father, but a WONDERFUL person. And she loves him. She worked on her North Manchester accent, which was turned down by her coaching team as sounding Australian. The video we got from my friend Jeff demonstrating for her, and his daughter, Claudia’s friend Ruby, cutting her dad down cold, is hilarious — but not public. Alas.

Today Claude got her “big” birthday gift. New dreadlocks started at Rasa Salon.

Yes, that included a singing bowl ceremony upon completion.

The kids were very happy in the Uber coming home because they were praised to the skies for how articulate and polite they were and were thrilled that the driver’s guess at my age was 37. (I do not initiate these games. I’m happy to be fifty. But this weekend as well an optometrist double-checked my paperwork because she said she did not think it was possible that my age was written correctly.)

The anti-aging ingredient is getting closer to your children. I mean it. Every bump in the road has deepened our relationships. I ADORE having bigger kids. I never would have guessed it but I do.


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