day two: it’s different, but not horrible.

Last week I was looking on brick toy shops, etc., to find small lyres for Claude to use in dramatic play. Something I could put in her Easter basket.

She had NOT asked for this. And we did not at any point discuss it. I just knew she’d love it.

Who needs me. She just walked into the room to show me the masking tape lyre she made for her dolls.

This morning’s walk was edifying. Just to be sassy, she went on at much further length about all this, as soon as I’d put the phone down.

We have quickly become aware that feelgood-escape time is necessary every day and today it was The Steven Universe Movie.

Last evening I had predicted that Amazon would shut down shortly. At about 2am I ordered a book for Béla’s Easter basket. (I’m usually very ahead of the game with the holiday stuff and this is the best reason I’ve ever had to pat myself on the back for it.) They announced this morning that Amazon would be shutting down everything but essentials and medical supplies. I don’t know if the book will come; I don’t know if the earrings I ordered for Claude will make it here from the Netherlands in time. But. I did get a solid start on it.

With a box cake mix and can of frosting, Béla was completely befuddled. With a completely-from-scratch recipe he is fine, but it was as though he thought the instructions on the cake box were some kind of trick. Still, the two of them made a cake.

And Tucker thought he was funny by putting this on during our nightly video singalong.

In addition to regular academics, a very loud and long game of Clades (a card game about evolution) was played. We had not gotten that one out in awhile, but Claudia has been wondering where cats come from.

The livestreams and free online stuff is piling up if you are subscribed to the right things on Facebook. The artistic and academic communities are really coming together and trying to keep people’s spirits up and minds busy. We can tell already it is needed. We will see how we can contribute, too.



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