really, just day three, it it?

Again; it could have been so much worse, and it wasn’t. Everyone feels well, and there’s plenty to do. Dolphins are swimming in the canals in Venice. A blizzard is coming. And we are taking advantage of opportunities that the world is offering out of kindness.

The free Korg iKaoscillator app even takes MY mind off things, and I’m not easily distracted. The kids used it today.

They also took an interactive free class online, about ancient Roman techniques for staving off or dealing with disease. Who has to have a version of The Iliad confiscated so she pays attention to the class? Why Claudia, of course. (Who did, however, ask a lot of questions, and who was particularly active in her online Latin class today.)

And Béla started a MasterClass with Penn and Teller.

One of my oldest friends, (thirty-five years or so?) who is now a farmer, was donating eggs in Maine:

While a thirty-something whose babysitter I was from infancy until about age seven, released an album on Bandcamp.

It’s amazing to keep these connections, particularly now.


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