day four

Thursday mornings are historically known for needing extra rest/being tired. We started out easy and late, with a LOVELY online livestream of an adaptation of The Odyssey for acoustic guitar and vocals.

I sent Joe the video because I loved it so much.

Honestly, so much about this situation is just rising and rising. Everyone is a little stiff physically, but really being patient with each other. And reaching out to one another. Friends are offering to do video classes.

I’m loving all the livestreams. Here’s a screenshot of one I’m going to; it’s a bit young for my kids, but I was at Ms. Angela’s sixth birthday party. And I was four.

Since Thursday always needs to be our short and simple day of school, that’s pretty much what we got; Horrible Histories, a game of Prime Climb with Tuck, some Daily Science… it’s a bit of a blur. I am trying to coax Claude into reading the books she got for her birthday that she has not read yet, and get Béla to do some Eggbun Korean…

(If you need some caregiver-appropriate fun, check Facebook (or other places) for Marc Rebillet’s daily Quaranstream.)

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