day five: ok, joke’s over right?

Still trying to keep morale high and worry down, but an unseasonably muggy and warm walk around the block made everyone kind of crabby. When going outside for fresh air is the best you can hope for, it sucks when the air isn’t fresh.

However the internet continues to be a magical box of giving, and I found what can only be the MAD magazine for classicists — so this is Claudia walking around the park reading aloud from a piece on what everyone in the Greek pantheon would order from Starbucks. Everyone laughing.

Hmm. Our Extinction Rebellion stickers have not had the last word yet. I grew the wisteria outside of our house from a seed, and it struggles every year, but is off to a good start!

This is the “zone out” corner of the homeschool table. Mind a blank? Hard to think? A 3D science puzzle and rather intricate and ambitious coloring sheets of Brother Joe Talbot are today’s offerings.

I am finding that “giving up” is sometimes helpful. I needed to lie down with a headache and instructed the kids to have a Gen X, latchkey-children supper. Came down to find they had done it perfectly: went for the frozen prepared Trader Joe’s goodies in the basement freezer, and were watching “Nailed It” while eating fish sticks, mac and cheese, and Brussels sprouts.

Well done.

Best thing I saw today, other than the Greek gods’ Starbucks orders:


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