day six: world puppetry day

It’s the weekend!

Neither of the kids knew who Kenny Rogers was but by the end of the day we could all sing “Ruby, Don’t Take Your Love To Town”, even with harmonies. Of course this is a song Tuck was familiar with, as Tuck loves a breakup/deceit/abandonment/heartbreak song more than anything. Goodbye, Kenny, you were a gentle part of my childhood, and I’ve always thought this was one of the most punk rock songs of all time, and I think the Cake cover is crap. (The kids agree.)

The other singalong hit of the day — which Béla is particularly into lately — was Warren Zevon’s “Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner”.

(Claudia watched that clip and said, “I look like a giant.” Yes.)

“Roland” hits a few marks academically, and this rendition is Zevon’s last public performance ever before his death from mesothelioma. Béla has a larger project coming out of this one, in a different medium.

Oh, and it was World Puppetry Day, so they worked for hours on their marionettes with the online lessons they got for Christmas.

It looked like Claudia had added a tribal scarification to her puppet but corrected me and said she was “born that way”.

Hands and forearms were begun.

We also received x-rays of the world’s most high-maintenance kitten, who decided yesterday that she would like to ride in an Uber, and so showed all the symptoms of having swallowed a foreign body. Her x-rays show that she had gas. And a heart. and cute hip sockets. (Our vet practice is doing outside dropoffs, and not letting humans into the building at all; Tuck had to stand outside while Marble was seen and get all her results via phone, which we thought was Well Done.)

There was Wii for a few hours today (well, Claudia was playing Sims, Tuck and Béla played Wii). I am still doing very limited screen time but have enjoyed three things in particular today: watching a Facebook friend in England livestream himself making his dinner, watching another Facebook friend, a puppeteer I’m quite in awe of, rehearse a new work live, (after watching him build the puppets for it over the last year), and the Facebook group Social Distance Powwow, which is full of videos of Native Americans in quarantine at home, dancing in prayer for our planet. It is full of beautiful children and beautiful dancing and music. If you need something positive, go there.


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