back to monday and day eight!

I love a fresh page in my homeschool planner.

And I love — love — LOVE — the way that the world is coming together online.

I had done battle at myself at Christmas when I saw that the “real” Camp Half-Blood “experience” — from Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson books — was coming to Philly. Last year the kids had gotten a week of socially-responsible entrepreneur camp as a Christmas gift from Santa, as well as the two months of local swim camp at the public rec center. But I was not sure about Percy Jackson camp. It was very expensive and it looked a lot like the LARPing they’ve been doing in West Philly for years, which is by donation (although in our first homeschooling year we had someone who ran the group come to the house and teach making foam weaponry every week.)

I kind of just hoped they wouldn’t find out about Camp Half-Blood in Philly, but then a month or more ago the mother of one of C and B’s friends said her son found out and wanted to go — but wondered if my kids would come as well. So we literally signed them up together (texting through the filling out of forms, making sure they were in the same “cabin” even though it’s a daycamp). It was a big expense, for sure, and I did it instead of getting a tattoo that I was going to get for my 50th birthday.

I woke up this am to a message that the camp staff were running online classes this week — and, apparently the kids are capable of signing onto a class independently, printing out the printables provided, asking questions via chat… and it kept them busy for an hour, and involved with a new face. Very important! Now I feel more excited about the camp — the guy running yesterday’s online program was really great.

The kids’ friends (and parents) are delighted that Tuck has been planning a D&D campaign that we can try to do using Zoom and invite the kids that have regularly played here at our house. Claude and Béla had a “Session -1” with Tuck, using the new book that has come out recently (which they had gotten him for his birthday). In fact, much of the day was more “extracurricular” than curricular — a lot of music, and critical thinking games.

It is great to hear them laughing so much and it’s really important and healthy.

But yet, we had a strange mystery. To which there are no obvious clues. Tuck had THREE sausages left in the pan. What POSSIBLY could have occurred?

She ate most of the evidence. A hot Italian sausage. We have heard from everyone that Calico personalities are feisty and wow, it is the truth — this made our evening.


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