day nine.

I certainly know which hours of the day I can’t count on the kids’ to be able to output much work. (Don’t ever ask for anything around 3 pm.) And sometimes, our evenings are our most productive schooling times.

Here’s Claudia sewing a hole in Hoogah’s arm while being read “Riddley Walker”, which was then followed by a MasterClass in Scientific Thinking by Neil deGrasse Tyson.

I love this picture so much that it is a contender for this year’s “school portrait” (if I have any vote). When Claudia is doing something new or difficult, her face looks just like it did when she was a baby. This was one of those times.

Earlier in the day, Béla had made THE best grain-free bread — single serving, in a bowl — that I EVER ate. We have been eating grain-free recipes for years and for the most part, yuck. This one came from Keren. And another culinary win for Béla!

Claudia took a class online, with a man who has created some Latin themes in Minecraft. She was so excited and I think she has subscribed to his YouTube channel.

There was also some time in the day (oh, around 3 pm) where everyone had lost their momentum.

It is really important to be happy now.

Since you can now purchase some of the movies that would be… at the movies… and since you CAN still have food delivered (not something we have indulged in since prior to lockdown), we got two pizzas and the new Harley Quinn movie.

It was okay.


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