day 13: rebekah provides interesting info in the eleventh hour.

I had certainly wondered.

Here I was starting to crack down on our hours (always preferred counting hours to days; shows more of what you’re actually doing) and quietly wondering how my kids’ friends, who are in brick and mortar schools, were possibly going to make the numbers we do.

Maybe homeschoolers technically get a break on those numbers this year too, but I see no need to act as if we do unless we truly need to.

I like giving my kids challenging things to do. I like when they read to me. I like reading to them. I like when they self-direct their education and one is reading Homer and the other is studying Penn and Teller. We are all gonna be happier if they are focused and challenged.

When they can handle it.

They only have the time between their evaluations in June and July 1 that I’m not counting hours. This Bill is thoughtful of the state, but no excuse for me to change anything unless I see the kids need it. (They’re also pretty capable of expressing what they can and can’t handle and when, and I know they’re right.)

Keep calm and carry on.


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