day 14: the whispering queen.

Ugh. Need more physical activity. Really starting to miss places and things. Shopping for kids at Target. With an iced mocha. Lunch at Sky Café.

Liver and onions.

But, have magic instead.

Disassembling the tardigrade for making the Green Man made a mess, briefly, of the practice studio. On a chair up here is a pile of my dad’s vintage erotica (not pornography, erotica), and it had always been slightly ruffled when the kids had had friends over.

Back in the day.

Seems that whole craft wave with using colored vet self-sticking bandages has a bit of a sell-by date on it for the sticking part, if Gabriel’s mouth is any indication. But, Tucker still made progress.

Kids REALLY needed a run around the block with the dog tonight, but it was cut slightly short by a fast-moving thunder and lightning storm. Claudia decided to try to give me an “academic” debate about why zombies “have” to have “that look” on their face, and is now being driven from the first floor by the rest of us being very excited to watch Dawn of the Dead. She is still in completely D&D land in her head, and I am hoping to heck that I can get her on video chat with her friend in Manchester England tomorrow, and that we can pick a platform for doing D&D with other friends. I’m also really hoping that she can take her Exploratory Latin Exam this week. Fingers crossed.

I just. Want. Liver.


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