mood: anthony hopkins listening to thrash metal (day 16)

I love the vocalizations you can hear him making.

The greater part of the day… seemed, again, to happen in the evening, when Béla established his online chess account and was playing with our next-door neighbor (in our respective houses). Claudia is down to the wire with preparing for the Exploratory Latin Exam and she is well sick of it. I expected a real standoff last night when Tucker wanted to go through “all the flashcards” and Claudia wailed that she would go through them alone, NOT with Tucker, because that would take “three times as long” (true, but I heard Tucker’s teaching reviews from his students last term and it’s clear he’s already gained a following.) Well, she DID go through them with Tucker and it turned into some multi-hour laughfest of Latin jokes and I got bored and left the room.

I went on a longer walk than usual. Just more times around the block that looks nothing like the block it was when the kids were little. I saw what looked like a bread line — it turned out it was a bread line. There is a “secret” restaurant a block down that only serves on certain nights and apparently they were taking fresh bread orders. So it was a bougie, gentrified bread line.

I’m glad we watched that adaptation of Les Miserables earlier this year so the kids have some basis for comparison/guidelines for revolution. And, I’m really glad for Riddley Walker, so that they see what a post-apocalyptic world can look like — and, how it can center on puppets.


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