day 17: not off to a great start

Béla did not feel well.

No overlap symptoms of Covid-19 other than a headache, and holding a popsicle on his soft palate helped — sign of stress headache/migraine. He watched ASMR videos made by a man who draws freehand maps, and Claudia had her online Latin class.

Not much else to say. Our friend Henrique read spooky campfire stories out loud on Facebook. I remember when he visited us and came to the kids’ end of camp exhibit at Fleisher Art Memorial! Now he is the creator of the “Boggy Creek” series on Amazon Prime.

And we attached fiber optic toys to the cat’s legs.

This is quarantine. This is Stay At Home. This is an Order.

It’s NOT Business Time.

I’ve got friends out of state with this now. I know how we all mobilized, quietly, when Béla said he couldn’t get out of bed. We’ve done a good job of minimizing risk; we’re going to do even better.


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