day 18: two out of three exams for this year DOWN.

Big victory: Claudia completed her Exploratory Latin Exam. Big thanks to Tuck for being her official Latin advisor.

I spent the day playing catch-up with Béla, who wanted as much one-on-one attention as Claude had been getting. Béla has, probably from stress, been losing weight; I noticed about a month ago and only mentioned it to Béla and Tucker, since anyone else would have stuck their finger in their nose and said “But you have PTSD and so you Worry Too Much and therefore are wrong.” Well, today, pants that Béla was ready to donate because they were too tight are falling down. He’s been getting a lot of milkshakes (we had P’unkburger for dinner to celebrate Claude’s exam) and I’m checking in with the rest of his care team for better ways to bulk him up a bit. He did a number of academic everyday workbooks, Eggbun Korean, and we rounded out our day with Ze Frank’s “True Facts”.

When you have puppeteer friends you get a wider range of sewable mask patterns. We are test driving those, as we mask up now. And Tucker has a full face shield for shopping.

A certain kitten has learned that tapping a plate with a fork means there is an “eggy plate” (plate with egg yolk remainder on it) so we are now a multi-species homeschool. She also loves to lie with her head in Claudia’s palm. She only does this for Claudia.

We walked.


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