“I NEED A BURGER” (day 23)

Highlight of the day: Claudia has been pen pals for over a year with a girl in Manchester, England. Today they had their first (long!) Zoom meetup.

At first they were hesitant, but not for long — trying to get each other to talk in one another’s accents and trading words like “calico” and “crisps” and “pot pies” and “jumper” …and the pronunciation of “caramel”. They visited for an hour and a half and they both love jeggings!

Considering that both of them want to get out of their own country and go to the other’s country, they’ve decided they need a third destination as a meeting place.

I’ve got the Harvard mythology quiz printed out for Claude this week…


In addition to other things we can offer our community’s Mutual Aid, we are gathering curricula/puzzles/educational games the kids have outgrown.


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