day 29: introduction to nuclear reactions, the fibonacci sequence, and tom hanks

Weird weather means big migraine. Somehow we got more school hours in than we do other days, including the Eusa Story chapter in Riddley Walker and a lesson on nuclear reactions (guess who gave that). Also, an Outschool class on how to draw trees using the Fibonacci sequence. Both kids seemed very intrigued by this, particularly so when I suggested a calico cat’s markings might be created in a drawing using a Fibonacci sequence. But, for the class, they drew trees.

They are both big SNL fans and had been excited to hear about the SNL at-home episode, but we only had time to watch the opening monologue today. It was then that I realized my children have NO IDEA who Tom Hanks is. I do not think they have ever seen a movie with Tom Hanks in it. They saw the Mr. Rogers documentary, but not the dramatization. They’ve never seen “Bosom Buddies” — I lived for Tom Hanks in “Bosom Buddies” as a kid, but the thought of showing it to my SJW kids — I cringe.

So Tom Hanks was just this avuncular guy who had recovered from COVID-19. Good for him! I guess we will see more tomorrow.

Also, we ordered pizzas. This now seems a notable event in daily life.


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