day 30

Today was the day I stopped offering free eye-rolls, sulking, five arguments about a way to do it differently than I had just asked it to be done, with every school or house-upkeep request I made.

Today was the day when Claudia was not allowed to read a graphic novel whilst listening to a podcast on which the guest was the father of her friend. Mind you, this was the second volume of the graphic novel which, when she came begging last night in tears for Any New Book to read, she had told Tucker were stupid and boring.

This morning we were informed he only had the first three volumes and she’d be ready soon for the fourth.

Today I got sick of candy wrappers, coffee cups, and USED TISSUES everywhere.

Skype with Keren was a lifesaver. For me. Maybe not for Keren.

Béla started his mandatory state testing today. Like Claude last year, he’s taking it untimed, as there are no two days in a row in his week he can count on being unfrazzled enough to do it the best we know he can.

He is, still, drumming like his life depended on it, pretty much daily. They also had fun with a music program demo a friend had recommended:

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