day 40.

Like Noah.

Except no end in sight.

Tuck has made a giant batch of bone broth. It was immediately invigorating, Particularly since I’ve started doing squats. All that collagen.

Today I am tired and I am worried and I have learned in the relatively easy way — considering how many people in the last six weeks have learned it the hard way — that it’s okay to feel that way. And so I do. We are making comfort food. We might make comfort drinks.

I am quarantined with my best friend in the world. If I did not have another adult here to talk to I don’t know what I’d do — although I must admit I lay in bed with Béla today and had a perfectly “normal” conversation, at the end of which he kissed my hand and left the room.

We are lucky.

Gretel and Hansel is On Demand.


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