block by blockwest? (day 41)

A few days ago we found out our favorite family funtime band, IDLES, were taking part in a virtual music festival today — in Minecraft.

Clever, yes. I can’t say I’ve ever been super interested in Minecraft, even having seen Ancient Rome and it’s really limitless possibilities, which all still look… like… Minecraft.

We decided not to use the server, although it would have been fun to meet up with our AF Gang friends in the pit! (We haven’t lost our chance, not to give anything away.) We watched on YouTube.

Most exciting to me — and which Tucker forgot to tell me or thought I already knew — was that the festival was the brainchild of Drexel University students. DREXEL!

We were excited. We were ready to go.

May 16, actually.

Gives us more time to get in there with our fellow Gangers.

Tuck is on some heavy school assignments and of course has to do the structural work on a puppet at the same time. That’s Tucker’s Tired Face.

More. To. Come.


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