day 43


We did school stuff. All rather similar to things I’ve mentioned before.

Béla played chess online with Joey.

Claudia and I seriously discussed how we we would be happier, more productive people if we were allowed to follow our natural sleep rhythms and be more or less nocturnal and blamed everyone else for holding us back. It is SO WRONG that we are so creative and buzzed and have such zest for living at the peak hours between 10pm and 3am. It is SO WRONG to have to shop and see people and THE SUN. For what? Tradition?

We could go on.

Béla played me this relaxing little jam while Claudia was upstairs working out “Iron Man” on her uke.

They were bought a box of brownie mix and told they could make them if they got the dinner dishes done in time enough but I don’t see that happening.

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