day 46: cumberbatch as the creature

Oh it might have been a whole year or more ago in the theatres — probably more than two — when we saw that there would be two simulcasts of Britain’s National Theatre performing Frankenstein — with alterating starring casts of Jonny Lee Miller and Benedict Cumberbatch as the Doctor, and the Creature.

I did not think the kids could stand it, for the scariness — and as much as Tuck and I would have loved to go, we didn’t expect to. But — in the absolutely insane treasure cave that the Arts have provided us, both versions are being released for free. The first, with Cumberbatch as the Creature.

We watched that tonight, after a very important talk. After some very important family time. And after Béla taking some lovely portraits of my daughter.

Shame this is a bit fuzzy, this gift I’ve been saving for Claude, of the two-tailed, sword-wielding symbol of our Home.

This morning Tucker took the dog out and because everyone else was asleep, the cat forgot we existed and began to cry. When Tuck came back in he found her, taking Bob, and Hairrolled — her two most-loved toys — up the staircase, step by step, turn by turn.

Claudia has been barely able to do schoolwork for a few days — writing on her own, and dead set on finishing her math book for this year, but really crying out for help with her behavior — now, I know, concerned about some pandemic issues that were overwhelming her. I am grateful we did so much to work through it.

They were magnetized to the Cumberbatch Creature. Benedict Cumberbatch is an unbelievable physical actor. Béla made brownies with the Edge Pan. A special evening together.

Claudia’s sense of narrative and writing amazes me — this was no easy play to watch — and as the curtain call began she said “I don’t see how that could have been any better.” Her taste is that refined.

We shall see the other version next week.

Lovely to have it to look forward to.


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