day 48, may day a day late, and our green man

Without COVID-19, Zach would have been premiering his shadow puppet production at the WEIRDO Festival today. But we knew it would be selfish and unsafe to try to get together even with “just” Zach, and we knew the Festival would be postponed.

We’d hoped to squeeze in — with Tucker’s skills and late nights, mostly — a Green Man puppet for the festival… but then, decided to just try anyway, festival or not. Without spending a penny on materials — and with our new Go Pro to practice with (thanks to our Seed Grant for Civil Rites for Civil Rights, where a Go Pro can eliminate some significant barriers), our Social Distance Green Man hit the neighborhood today!

Photos today, clip reel tomorrow!

And even when walking the neighborhood alone, did one of the kids’ friends use his excellent deductive powers to call out, confidently, “Hi Tucker!”

I have to say, I could not be prouder of my partnership with Tucker and what Folkfuturism has come to represent. I cannot believe my luck in finding friendship in the Mid-Pennine Arts Council and the many ways all of this can be brought into our homeschooling, and how our homeschool experience has prepared me for this new phase of life.

I’m experiencing the pride lately of being an essential worker.

Hopefully, a three and a half minute movie tomorrow of our Green Man adventure!


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