day 49: social distance green man, the video

If you were lucky enough to have a festival in your town with a Green Man to celebrate May Day… what would he do during a quarantine and social distancing?

This was our first practice with the Go Pro. Here’s a socially-distancing Green Man walking around South Philly, with a purloined live soundtrack from Idles (“Meydei”, 2012). The song could not have worked out better.

Tomorrow is Day 50 of quarantine. A homeschool mom whom I’ve only seen sporadically over the last few years found me on FB this week, and invited the kids to join her daughter’s online D&D game. A weekly game would be a fine thing!

Tonight Tucker made sticky toffee pudding like we had eaten in Oxford. Or close to — needs a second try. The kids both liked it and are happy to go for a second round with attempted improvements.


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