“Everything you feel is right.” (day 53)

Very reassuring words today.

The second production of “Frankenstein” tonight, with Jonny Lee Miller as the Creature. It was moving. Overall, I think we felt more empathy for this Creature. We talked about being a friend being something more in one’s control — and always in demand — as opposed to “having” a friend, particularly a “certain” friend. But then again — my kids have never been social climbers.

Bit of a hard game to play (not a win-or-lose game, for sure, but it really teaches things about narrative and creating humor, even from “neutral” beginnings), but Béla and I had a game of “Joking Hazard”.

Through grief, one can still move. Function. Sometimes, just rest — when I felt myself get up this morning I was unsure as to whether the physical symptoms I felt were from crying all night, that unmistakable grief-pain that is like being dropped off of a building; or virus. I was scared to be near the kids until I felt some clarity; but no fever, no throat pain, none of the other “tells” now becoming a leitmotif with those online . In a few hours of being up, it as the simple fact that the pain of grief is familiar enough now to identify.

Béla also made me a 김치 파전. You can fit a lot of love into a day, so do it while you can, because once you can’t, you can’t.



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