day 60: translating latin

Béla did a lot of math today; that’s not what I expected. I am letting them lead, except when they can’t.

I never thought about hitting sixty days. Claudia said today, “I hope I don’t turn thirteen in quarantine.” My heart is breaking for her. They miss our park so much and were so looking forward to its renovation and reopening.

If you test her on them, Claudia knows where punctuation and capital letters go. She may choose to fight you over a period; she enjoys a run-on sentence. But when translating into Latin, apparently all bets are off. Capitals — bah. Korean doesn’t use them. The Bauhaus created a typeface with no capital letters. Who cares?

Korean is mercurial about punctuation, too. Put it in, don’t put it in — whatever.

But look at her little Latin translation. ❤️

I’m feeling sad for them. Quarantine is getting hard. I’m looking for an infusion of activity, and expect it will come with the hundreds of dollars of summer camp refunds coming my way. They are looking forward to the weekend and it’s really just because it’s the only time they have with us that isn’t programmed with school and housework.

I don’t want this lockdown time for them. I am frustrated. They do not deserve this. I love them so much.


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