day 61: happy birthday david byrne

After a short and confused period of wakefulness this morning, both kids slept in very late.

Béla did copywork, and Claude did spelling and math word problems (with the cat). There may be more later; we will see how they feel.

Not nearly the fighting or breakdowns we had been seeing.

They are at the moment making a birthday cake for David Byrne, together, which is a great sign (they are decorating it together and that’s pretty amazing.

Because David always has a high return, he did even just as much for us today, and this was the sweetest thing we saw on the internet:

Claudia was singing the soprano choral part by the end of the clip.

And the FUNNIEST thing we saw today:

Happy birthday David (and happy birthday Stevie Wonder, who we missed yesterday! These kids have seen BOTH of those legends in concert.)


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