day 62: blog posts go up at a different time when you’re partially nocturnal.

It’s a pity. We all clearly prefer this schedule.

It was a Riddley Walker day and both kids had online appointments. We also have some very cool new math and science software although no one looked at it.

It was quite hot outside.

This evening the kids checked out a virtual dance for preteens and teens, and used the chat boxes to meet other kids and Béla got “Hey Ya” requested for me.

Claudia was not dissuaded by the post of the young graduate who makes fun Classics videos on YouTube.

But we all still recognize:

On a bag of Michael Keaton.

Béla’s love for this verse of this song tickles me. He has never been known for his clear enunciation of words; he began speech therapy in preschool after we were unable to understand him saying “Batmobile” (because not one single phoneme was correct. Friends were not surprised; “We’ve never understood a word he’s said, we thought you knew.”) Well, he will spit out this verse about a Heathen from Eton on a bag of Michael Keaton with venom and clarity:

He thinks he’s suave!

You’re not suave ’cause you watched “Get Carter”

You are a catalog plastic Sinatra!

A try-hard!

You shoulda tried harder.

It’s a joy to have musichead kids. He also loves an absolute banger that has three vocal parts in it, and an unusual drum beat; he will beat it on the couch and vocalize the constant, repeating chant;

Don’t be afraid, son, you’re not alone.

It’s funny, I have an FB friend who is an artist and also a Korean adoptee. She is married to another artist we were already fans of before I “met” her and it’s always great to have her perspective. It was very funny to me that she and Béla were both home tonight greenscreening their cats.

He LOVES that green screen kit and only half of it is here! (It’s in beta.) He’s taught himself so much. This is what homeschool is at best.

Things to look forward to tomorrow. Today.


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