day 63, we made it to bxbw

If you care about neither Minecraft nor Idles, this is still the clip for you. But be warned, we sing a lot in this house.

 Other than that we just did pretty much our own thing.

Kids will be doing more online “camp” programming this week with social justice, LGBTQIA+ open forums, drawing classes, and an evening talent show and zombie hunt on offer. There is no practical way to depend on our original summer plans as the world looks like it could get pretty grim.

Nocturnalism is a welcome and refreshing break if you have the time to ease back out of it as we are doing. Omo Kulu Mele is in session online and Claude chose not to try it last week, but this week the bigger girls are looking for her, so we’ll be up for that.

Seems frankly like most of our summer will be spent with that odd feeling you get when you have contractors in the house — never exactly alone. Hours a day spent communicating online.

Thinking about it is making me need a little IDLES.


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