the real day 66

It was a challenge to start with as Tuesdays begin early. Plus we had two online camp classes for the kids that overlapped with a D&D game… and the promise of this.

A calesthenics class run by the bassist of IDLES. Well we really didn’t want to miss that.


But it was a ruse. There was no getting physical with Dev.

There was the premiere video for the much-awaited third album.



No masks Tuck and I have made have ever seen numbers like these before. (Up to 99K at last look.)

Watch the video: look for us at about 1:15. It appears all the band are in shots as well, and Danny Nedelko also skids through!

Fear not — we were not the only stars of the day — Béla’s cooking class challenged him to make something, timed, with an unusual ingredient in it. Voila: Béla’s Soy Sauce Cookies (amazing).

The kids also participated in the Odyssey Teen Camp talent show — with very little prep time the obvious choice was Talking Head’s “Thank You For Sending Me An Angel”, but in the morning Claudia wanted to know (as if it was our responsibility) why she didn’t know some NEW songs. When it was pointed out to her that Béla learned new songs constantly, on his own, and she did not touch her instruments without being told, she immediately started learning — beautifully — vocals and uke for “Naive Melody (This Must Be The Place”). When Béla pointed out that he had NOT had a chance to learn it, and was doing other work, she continued to put us all through seven hours of diva hell, which culminated with… a very good performance of “Thank You For Sending Me An Angel”. They enjoyed watching the others perform as well.

Also, it was Miss Marble’s First Birthday (we made it up, it’s close) and she made a lovely portrait and got a stuffed saguaro and some Camembert.


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