day 68

Ugh. WHAT? Are you really READING this? Go learn a skill!

Another day. In about two weeks I expect we will be under strict lockdown again and things will be scary as fuck. I’m proud of my kids. They are starting to understand how serious this is and how important working together is.

They took a class is sound mapping. Claude wanted math, so did both textbook and computer work. She continued teaching herself “Naive Melody” on the uke. Béla sat in on his vegan cooking class but was sad not to be able to participate as he got pulled out of it early yesterday.

They played a three-hour D&D game with a friend in their rooms. Tuck has spawned a new generation of dungeon masters.

If every quarantine day was like this we’d make it without any problems. I’m super proud of them. (Sleeping in until early afternoon… because it’s Thursday…makes the day go faster too.)


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