day 74: tarot and poetry

Since signing up with Odyssey, the kids’ days have been less directed by me and more directed by them — they sign on for the activities they want, do “regular” schoolwork without being asked (although we need to get back to a better balance there), and they are doing a lot more on their own, unprompted.

Writing poetry, apparently (with her usual Tudor-style, lawless spelling) is new for Claudia.

I don’t think this drawing goes with the poem but it bears… documenting

Their one class with Odyssey today was in Tarot reading. Justice was a strong component.

Was gonna surprise them in the morning with a blueberry crumble but Béla will be happier I think if he’s part of making it. He still has a chance of making his required hours for this school year, even though they have been waived due to the pandemic. I know he would like to get them in and he knows it’s not his fault he had such a drag on his year. He’s within the final fifty or so!

Since it’s impossible to say when the medallions will arrive, we may as well announce: to our surprise (we knew she’d do well, but) Claudia received a perfect score on the Exploratory Latin Exam this year.

I may have already mentioned but she has also been nominated for a middle-school level Classics award, based on her scores for the National Mythology Exam and a written recommendation from her Latin teacher in the U.K.

She’s still a punk.


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