day 75: ice cube

We began another of our measured, but oddly relaxing, Nocturnal Weekends again today. We tried it a few weekends ago, and discovered that it was very psychologically brightening for everyone.

Always easy to begin “set-up” on a Thursday because the kids are tired then. They slept a good bit of the day; Claudia, until 6:30 pm. (It’s a quarter to eleven now, pm, and, having taken her second-to-last spelling test of the year, she has asked to practice her ukulele and begun writing a song.)

Béla, who got up at two thirty pm specifically to attend a photography class online, took this AMAZING photograph today — with his iPhone and a piece of cardboard to create a pinhole effect — of an ice cube. The jury is in: Béla is just a straight-up talented photographer.

He hung out on FaceTime playing Magic, The Gathering with his friend Max (this photo was generated during that time). Nothing makes either of the kids happier than this ridiculous cat. All kitten-ness is gone; the shape of her skull underwent some rapid and very noticable change and she is a Cat; small in size, and a little on the Chonk side. I think we would have no trouble getting her certified as an emotional support animal.

Béla got a letter from his pen-pal Darius this week — they are now over a year into their correspondence! — and today our family got a letter and artwork from their “Little”. It seems like only yesterday that we were at the swimming pool and Tara was letting Claudia feel Young XJ kick in her belly. (“Oh how nice,” Claudia had said, completely incapable of hiding her disgust.)

Even when you do Nocturnal Weekend, you get an ebb time, you just get it at a tricky time — around 9pm. once we got past that, everyone was firing on all cylinders… and we started The Lost Boys at 2am. Hooting with laughter and screaming at the blood.

Now, we are set for the weekend… but just realized Claudia has an online mythology club at 11am that she doesn’t want to miss! She is going to set an alarm and try to get up just to chat for that hour, then go back to bed.

I am happy that they are excited and being active, because they certainly learned watching today’s news that our state government is not to be trusted, and the police are not to be trusted. We are watching and talking, as history shatters and swirls around us.


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