day 77: ovid and the art of love

A new movie about the poet Ovid, set in modern day Detroit, with a predominantly African-American cast. You’d think Claudia would love the thought of this, but there is no suggestion I can make to Claudia that she will not shoot down, so I didn’t suggest it. I stapled her to a chair with a giant Nerf stapler.

Nah. Neither of them can resist a screen.

It was somewhat racy and Claude responded in her classic fashion:

We watched a lot of news. We were not just quarantined. We were under curfew while our city was looted and our police force attacked our friend Joe’s weekly effort to feed the hungry with free pizzas. Because the Minneapolis police killed a Black man for no reason. I knew this country was nearing its Les Miserables moment but we never could have imagined this.

We don’t really understand all of our reactions right now but it’s good to know we aren’t expected to.


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