day 80: guide the way

Philadelphia continues to rage.

Tucker took this photo of our preemptively boarded-up Acme today while he shopped.

I don’t have credits for these other pictures but this is our reality. (And that’s the infamous Drum Line Elmo)

The song Claudia has been working on is finished. A friend of hers put up a quarantine-recorded EP tonight, and so Claude felt inspired to get this song up and recorded as well, although our whole SoundCloud presence could use an update, we are SUPER proud of her songwriting here. THIS is the result of not having to practice more Bowie covers for hours a week, and starting to learn theory. We made a good change at a good time.

amberdorkostopper · Guide The Way

We steered back towards curricula today, somewhat, so there are more pieces of paper floating around than usual — worksheets and whatnot — but we also watched Stand By Me, which is one of those movies I’ve always wondered when they’d be ready for and really looked forward to seeing with them. They loved it.

This will be acceptable for today.


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