day 93: sprint week

Claudia couldn’t bear to just do the second-to-last test in her spelling book so she did both and finished it. Boom. We are checking things off the list this week and setting up what learning software they can be using throughout the summer.

Marble enjoys Tuck’s new computer.

We had a visit from Tara, James and Young XJ — a masked, socially-distanced chat on the sidewalk. We all got gifts and Claudia’s was particularly exciting — a stone divination pendulum. She loves it.

She did do some interesting wig-work on one of her dolls.

(She has added facial tattoos to many of her dolls, and this one is also wearing a handmade Metallica t-shirt.)

We had some serious nostalgia….

And I took a photo of BĂ©la and Marble that I posted and said I wished had a nicer background — and a friend made me one.

I’m surprised at how much school stuff got done considering we had a lot of other fun. We have a week of Intensives planned out but apparently interval training presented itself as a natural way to progress.


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