day 95: you will not catch me staring at the sun

Béla went for a masked walk on the block earlier today; something they’ve only started doing without adults again recently (as they would continually forget not to run their hands along the construction barriers, etc.).

When he came back in he said “I just saw the police. Lots of police.”

Moments later I saw this on my friend Joe’s Instagram:

Béla had just rounded that corner.

Almost prescient (since the song was being performed live even in February), our beloved IDLES announced an album drop and a new single that sounds like they wrote it after George Floyd’s murder — except they didn’t. I have specifically been following the support of making mandatory the Black Curriculum in the U.K. and cannot believe IDLES released a single addressing this point with a song recorded months ago, except that I can very much believe it, and Joe Talbot is the Bob Dylan of my kids’ generation.

(Actual working link to video here:)

Kids did a ton of work today including a long Riddley session, where we got the ideas for our first puppet representation of our Riddley experience, using the foam techniques we learned from Hobey Ford a year ago, and with Béla’s new Chroma-Key experience.


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