day 97

They finished up what there was to finish up. As always, plenty of things will continue through the summer; we never completely put “school” away.

Since I had planned to finish up today I had booked them a virtual escape room, which they enjoyed. It is always amusing to hear online teachers falter when they realize how much further Claudia’s knowledge of mythology (increasing in pantheons) goes beyond Percy Jackson.

They got P’unkburger delivery for dinner (big treat) and Béla in particular wanted the new VOD rental of the Pete Davidson movie The King of Staten Island (which is okay).

Now are like, the two weeks of the year that I don’t write things they do in a spreadsheet every day (although can start doing so for the 20-21 school year on July 1). So it’s a LITTLE break. Getting camp costs refunded allowed me to invest in some exciting projects for them. And we’re always reading out loud together.

Like most people I think PA is rushing to push to green as far as COVID is concerned and we are not planning on doing things terribly differently this summer until we see the results of going to green after the incubation period (and then some).

I don’t know what happens now — do I keep posting every day until they are no longer days we are counting since the (first) state shutdown?

I guess I’ll know tomorrow.

I’m glad they are happy, helpful, and relaxed, and doing their own thing — and that’s exactly where we are right now.


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