day 98

Béla’s kickdrum has some new tape designs on it. Cool drummers put tape on their kick drums.

We all watched some of the Trump rally together and that wasn’t fun.

Got tipped off by Natalie Haynes, bless her, about Royal Mail’s latest series — an absolute perfect combo for Claudia.

Don’t you know, because I mentioned it to the Idles family, someone had already gone to the post office and bought the LAST page of stamps available just for us?!

Lots of cleaning today and maintenance. First day of summer break and I just let them do whatever they felt like. At this age, I don’t think I’m necessarily supposed to be able to account for every minute of that anymore, so I don’t try. I also didn’t jump into the list of things I wanted to do myself, other than some clothes shopping online, but that’s ok too.

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