day 99

Covid cases are surging. It is terrifying how stupid people are being. Baffling. So much death. So much despair. And people trying to convince themselves that What They Want is real.

We had a very relaxed day, everyone involved in their own art projects. The kids wanted a Shameless marathon tonight, so we started early enough to get in a decent binge.

The kids LOVE Shameless. I, cautiously and stringently, previewed (ravenously) all eleven seasons of it before telling them they could start watching it from the beginning, but that there would be whole sections of seasons I might not allow them to watch. They think they know everything, of course, and think there’s now no limit to what they can watch. They believe they have “seen” people having sex. (They haven’t.) But they do know things that I didn’t talk to them about, and we have very frank discussions about sex and about drug use.

The thing is, they think that’s the pass/fail for viewer discretion. Sex and drugs. Oh, we’ve seen those! We can watch anything (Except The Babadook, which I will put on just to clear the room.) They can’t conceive of storylines that are too emotionally heavy, and I have to think about that.

Just like with The Get-Down two summers ago (we were reminiscing about that summer today), seeing something that represents human sexuality or drug use or violence is, at my kids’ ages, a very small risk to take for the gain of exposure to fantastic portrayals of family, love, loyalty, and community. And nothing beats Shameless UK for that.

Claudia’s complete adoration of Frank is so funny to me. She loves all the Gallagher kids and identifies strongly with Debbie; and, like Debbie, she loves Frank and sees the best in him. His wisdom and his frustration at his own failings and his enormous love for his (at current count, eight) children.

I just found Peep Show fan fiction online, maybe I should suggest writing some Shameless fan fiction. But, Claudia is not always open to suggestion.


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