day 103

Well, pretty much just what I predicted would happen with states backing up on their reopenings is happening. And PA better get on it. This weekend we will literally shop for food to last over a month (and still keep everyone with plenty of variety and new dishes for Béla to master.)

Tuck remains a formidable academic (glowing reviews from his students, straight A’s in his classes) while also activating some of his dad’s DNA in him. And not just with drinking milky tea and making British puddings. Today he whirred through the house making improvements that should have been made five or more years ago. I feel sorry for how much of this amazing man his father is missing; Tuck’s a carbon copy of him.

“He’s as bald,” Claudia says.

Claude wanted some actual work to keep her beak wet before she plunged back into the world of Chatsworth Sims. She did some math on Brilliant, which we like a lot so far.

Béla needs some different paper to make a few of the things he’d like from YouTube tutorials, but he made a load of throwing stars, and a boomerang. “I’m not moving until I get the boomerang,” he said. “I’m not going to bed until I get the boomerang.”

He made us meatball pizzas for dinner with cauliflower and kale crusts.

There has been a nice placidity at home over the last few days. I hear Béla walk out to where Claudia is and hear them greet each other. The cat gets a ridiculous amount of loving. They were in bed with lights out of their own accord by midnight. Early for them, plenty of nights.

Good kids.


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