day 108

Claudia has taught me that using the “dramatic warm” filter allows her features to be seen without having to blast out the exposure on the rest of the picture like a nuclear attack.

A magnificent new video from our friend Anna, who is home in Sicily!

Since Plato’s Symposium was brought up on Classics Challenge, AND they mentioned how it was echoed in the song “The Origin of Love” from Hedwig and the Angry Inch, I had to share the “Origin” book the kids had made… oh, half their lives ago.

There is a games night happening now at Odyssey, which is nice. Tucker and Béla did a huge cleanup of the yard today and it looks lush. There is Nothing for dinner, which is to say there are almost endless options for dinner, but in quarantine everything begins to taste the same, even when you are eating a pretty wide variety of things. The cat is in the sink, and I’m knitting a hat for a marionette. We made a big jump forward in a puppet project with another artist and it’s been, really, a very productive day.


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