day 109

Oh suddenly NOW you want to look at maps.

What’s funny is that July 1st is the date that the school district lets you start counting hours for the upcoming homeschool year and it’s past midnight and they won’t put the atlases away.

These rolls of tape are getting a ton of traction still. High value, no screen, total involvement.

Today Tuck and I tricked Claudia and told her God had appeared in the TV room and she came back to find us waving around a tape measure. She said “That’s not God, it’s a ruler” and IMMEDIATELY saw what she’d fallen into and was gasping with laughter like the giant nerd she is.

Taking a walk is stressful; too many people are not wearing masks. And yup, people are reacting negatively if you move away from them if they sit on a bench near you, unmasked. Every graph we look at is too grim to even wrap our heads around. No one seems to understand that viruses are fairly simple things and the way to beat this one is completely in our grasp, because everyone is being the person who “just” does this little “low risk” thing.

So we set up horrible pun jokes, laugh at the fact that there is no God, and tomorrow we’ll do more stuff.


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