This is going to be a fun weekend.

Did a cat ever love her children so much? She is a magical being.

Sometimes we have these days where no one raises their voice. When there is a disagreement, the clear priority (for them!) is compromise. After literally years of outright war over splitting the dishes, we tried — with two fresh slates — “everyone washes their own dishes as they make them throughout the day, and helps do the pans communal meals were made in.” This would have had each of them doing far fewer dishes!! But they couldn’t do it. So they are back to splitting the whole day by after dinner at the latest. Why they’d choose this I don’t know. They didn’t complain that we were switching back to the old way, they did everything they needed to.

She really does just reach out for his forehead like this. This is her special Béla touch. For Claudia she nestles her snout in between Claudia’s nose and right eye. And she often puts her paw over Claudia’s mouth (if she’s being too opinionated.)

So much love.


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