day 114: amazon is selling books again

It’s always a little work to find books for Béla but since Amazon went to essentials only and libraries were closed, Claudia has not been reading — and that’s never happened! She did read the novel Circe and did not seem overly impressed, and other than that she has been rereading her own writing, which I can’t complain about.

I heard the libraries were opened and asked the kids if they wanted to try that — nope. They are paying attention to the news and are kids who would both win at the “one marshmallow now or two marshmallows later?” experiment. (While I few adults I know would not.) But, happily, Amazon has reopened, and we found some new things. Claudia will probably tear through hers in two hours and Béla will take three weeks with his, because that’s who they are.

Since he had a packet of phyllo dough to play with, Béla made a cheese and hotdog danish.

And today it was Marble’s turn for a bath.

We were not suggesting that anyone join Tuck and me in watching John Carpenter’s “The Thing” and yet I turned and found Béla perched in the kitchen (where he watches scary things). He eventually just came and watched it. I’m glad Claudia didn’t. (And I did tell them both about Béla wonders which movie on that site has the longest list of content warnings.)

Looking forward to the week. I had noticed that Claudia had become reticent about doing Odyssey activities, and she was very straightforward and said Odyssey was not as racially diverse as Mythology Club and it made it harder for her to participate. I emailed the director to tell him this had been noticed. He said that campership was predominantly white but that he was, specifically, looking to hire more diverse staff. He made good on that effort with the hiring of a new Dungeon Master for the intensives campaign, tomorrow.

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